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New Year Glitter

10% of Sunset Therapy's 2023 net profits will be donated to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. This foundation awards grants to scientists to advance research related to mental health.  They are committed to improving the understanding, prevention and treatment of psychiatric and mental illnesses through scientific discovery. We are really excited to be donating to such an impactful organization for 2023!

Sunset Therapy Apparel donated 10% of our 2022 net profits to Mental Health America (MHA). We chose this organization due to their commitment to promoting mental health and their dedication to prevention. MHA is guided by their Before Stage 4 philosophy. This leading principle is to treat mental health conditions long before they reach their most critical points, just as we would do for other diseases, such as cancer or heart disease.


For our second year in business, we donated 10% of profits to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America. ADAA is dedicated to improving the quality of life of those with anxiety disorders and depression by implementing evidence-based treatments. We chose ADAA due to their commitment to preventing, treating, and curing mental illness.

For our first year in business, we donated 10% of our profits to the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health. We selected MAMH because we love their mission to promote prevention, early invention, and treatment for those affected by mental illness. We were happy to partner with a local organization for our first year in order to offer support in our home state of Massachusetts.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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